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    More than 100 persons, directed by Mrs Christiane Makarem, form our exceptional group of volunteers whose tremendous dedication and affection is making a considerable difference in the life of patients and families throughout the difficult period of the treatment.

    The role of volunteers is vital for CCCL; as individuals have the opportunity to directly impact the survival of children battling catastrophic illnesses. They also contribute in creating a family atmosphere where children are always entertained with games, stories, chats, and many events. As for our teenagers who have more troubles accepting their situations, they find in each of the volunteers a friendly mate to rely on. They expect nothing in return but the relief and smiles of the children and parents. Volunteers include individuals from different backgrounds; some are professionals wishing to help colleagues, and most are students wishing to volunteer their free time. Diverse expertise is needed and all disciplines are encouraged to participate.

    Volunteering Requirements

    All volunteer assignments have a minimum commitment of 3 consecutive months. Volunteers must serve at least two to four hours a week.

    Volunteers must be 18 years of age to work in Child Life Services. However, we have the Summer Student Program, which is open to high school students age 17 and older who need to fulfill specific hours in serving the community.

    All volunteer candidates must attend an orientation workshop prior to placement. Bring your application and health records (see health information below) to the orientation. If you're a student, you must provide a completed recommendation form. Call Volunteer Services for upcoming orientation dates, an application and the recommendation form.

    Volunteers must provide health clearance information, including verification of negative tuberculin (TB) skin tests —completed the last three months —Ifthe TB skin test is positive, you'll need a copy of a negative chest X-ray taken within the past year. This form will be provided by the head of volunteers.

    After completing the health requirements and attending an orientation workshop, you need to schedule an interview with the CCCL’s Director of Volunteers to determine the best placement for you. You'll meet with the supervisor of a selected department to determine compatibility and to discuss training and potential work schedule.

    For more information contact Mrs. Christiane Makarem on 01/350000 ext:8143

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