Treatment Surgeries

Pediatric Cancer Survival rates: 1962 vs. present

  • The total number of Limb Salvage Surgeries done at CCCL since the opening of the center till end of 2013 was 65; having three done in 2013.

  • During 2014, the number of procedures performed at CCCL under conscious sedation was 610 in total: 391 Lumbar Punctures (LP), 133 Bone Marrows, and 86 Examinations under Anesthesia.

  • The total number of medical consultation services provided at CCCL until 2014 is 3176.

  • In 2013, the average number of patients visiting CCCL daily was 43 patients; it reached up to 51 patients/day.

  • The total number of transplants done since the opening of the center till the end of April of 2017

" Thank you for everyone at CCCL for making my Christmas so special. Thank you for all the efforts you are making! "

Angelina Jolie
December 2004