Partner in Life

Partner in Life is the program whereby companies can show they are caring corporate citizens. We believe that with the support of the corporate community, we can better serve the mission of saving young lives. Our patients are the children of institution employees, and this is why we find it natural to establish a guardian relation between the corporate community and the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

Being Partners in Life, companies give us the occasion to address your employees to make monthly donations; they can also facilitate the collection of donations through a direct payroll deduction program.

Partner in Life is not limited to the employees’ contribution; companies can join with the employees to further support the children with its own monthly contribution or by matching the employees’ donations.

All our children know and understand the value of what they are given, they are forever grateful. To show their appreciation, we give all Partners in Life companies Certificates of Recognition.

Become a Partner in Life today!

List of Partners in Life Companies:
Banque De L’Industrie Et Du Travail Drive Dentsu Federal Bank of Lebanon Fidus Securite Assurance Allianz SNA Nestle Terravission Acteos Aramex Mednet Liban Medtronic SGBL Bestseller BBAC Blom Bank El Chaer Law Firm CSC Bank Dar Al Handasah First National Bank HSBC Solidere Standard Chartered Terranet Wardieh Holdings Al Mashrek Insurance Al Mawarid Bank CAT Group CCC Fenicia Bank FransaBank Lilly FFA Private Bank