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Champions' Circle

On the occasion of the center’s 16th anniversary in April 2018, the Champions' Circle was launched, grouping survivors from the center who have won their fight against cancer since the center opened its doors in 2002.

A clear strategic process was formed for the club growth through committee and managerial assessment with a clear vision. Thus, several steps and gatherings were done during the years including the registration form and the planning of events, which led us to have a fast-growing members' number from 40 in the first year to 240 members at the mid of 2021.

In addition to this, we devise a plan to let our survivors own self-development, sharing of experiences and expertise together, and fun activities as well.

Thus, we have reached around 240 survivors to date, and thanks to the gatherings and events done, we have reached the following main objectives:
- To allow our survivors to gather together continuously.
- To provide them with moral support needed to cope with post-treatment effects.
- To ensure a healthy lifestyle, with less anxiety and fear, and to build strong relationships amongst survivors.
- To equip survivors with new learning skills.
- To engage them in outreach community conferences.
- To provide them with support group sessions and fun activities.

You may hear our survivors' stories and learn all about the Champions' Circle by clicking here.