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Dina and her penny bank

A short while ago, Dina celebrated her last chemotherapy treatment and her recovery from cancer. But, life had a second opinion: she has relapsed. She is now living a second experience.

Today, Dina arrived at the center with a message and a penny bank. The letter says: “this penny bank holds a moral value and not a material one, and the center is my source of strength, faith, and hope for a better life.”

Dina, you and the 350 children at the center are our strength! You are the source of our faith in our mission, our hope, and the hope in the future. You are a generation that deals with the problems and difficulties of life with faith and a smile. We highly appreciate you and value your thought of taking out of your personal money in order to help the center.

Today is a new experience to Dina and a lesson to all of us. Today is our second opportunity to support Dina's future and ambitions.