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Tia’s Story, In her words

On 20/10/2017, I was 17 years old and like any other 17-year-old girl, I was waiting for the coming year to grow up in my own eyes and in the eyes of my parents. I wanted to start achieving my purpose in life. But unfortunately, I forgot my dreams, my age, and my purpose the moment I got diagnosed with cancer. I thought that God is calling upon me. I was transformed from a girl who likes to ride speedy motorcycles, and experience dangerous adventures to a person who is afraid to walk without being accompanied by their mother or one of their close family members. Here I am, I do not know myself. Who is this person? Is this me? I lost all control over my life. Doctors diagnosed me with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and decided to start the treatment as quickly as possible. My doctor transferred me to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon where I was shocked by the sight of innocent children receiving intensive treatment. This was inspiring and I began to restore my strength to the point that cancer became just like any other disease, until I was admitted to the hospital to receive my first dose of chemotherapy. It was like I was suffocating on my last breath! The treatment was so intense with excruciating pain that lasted for two days. It was then that I got properly introduced to cancer. But with my twin sister, brother, my friends, my father and my mother's lap, which I was no longer departing, I was able to rise again stronger than ever before. After several days of treatment, I reached a stage where no one and nothing can make me forget my pain. Not even my mother’s lap, that made me forget the world just yesterday. The pain was getting worse day after day, and with every additional dose. Then, I began to lose my hair, and that deepened my grief, even though I was expecting this moment to come, but I was unaware of its difficulties. I reached a stage when this disease took over my whole body, and I was not accepting any medication that caused me the slightest of pains, because on top of all this pain comes a pain of a different kind: The looks of pity. And when suddenly everyone starts to love you. I knew all those looks and I knew their intentions. But what can I do? I need support from any living being at this stage. My battle lasted for two years in which I graduated from school. Two years full of achievements and pain but it all ended up with a big disappointment. Cancer resurged in my body as if all the pain was not enough. On July 17 2019, the doctors wrote a new chapter in my story. This is the last chapter for us all… I will risk everything ... To the extent of concerning you all … To the extent of being born again. I will have cells from my mom’s body transplanted inside mine. Finally, I will destroy all the cells in my body that are responsible for my journey with that disease. My mom, who is the bravest and strongest mom I know, will give me life for the second time, and this time it will end my battle with cancer. The cells will be transplanted after two weeks. Meanwhile I will continue my treatment and pray. Pray with me. Pray for me and for my parents. Pray for everyone who needs your prayers. Pray with me for a better tomorrow. I Believe in tomorrow!