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Meet Hanine

In a faraway peaceful mountainous village lived Hanine, with her loving mom, dad, and little brother. Always happy and energetic, she is the girl with the strong character and captivating eyes.  Two and a half months ago, Hanine was pale and her face was turning white. Her parents took her to the doctor; and after blood tests, she was referred to CCCL. 

  “Hanine has cancer.”  

It was after those three words that Hanine’s world suddenly stopped and took another route.  

“The first five days were the worst anyone can live,” her mother said. “We were lost, scared, and far from home. Hanine was in pain, and with every tear she cried, my heart broke.”  

Like most kids with leukemia, Hanine’s case was critical at first. She felt tired, then started to get dizzy, and she got weaker and weaker. That's how leukemia starts.  

“At five and a half years old, the pain was too much to bear. But then, thanks to the medical staff, the nurses and the Child Life department, we are now better. We as a family are getting better. Hanine is starting to feel well and we have found our smiles again,” her mother continued.  

CCCL thanks each and every one of you! It is because of YOU, our donors and supporters, that we are able raise funds to maintain the 92% cure rate in leukemia.   

And for that, we thank you!