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Minerva’s 16th birthday

It was Minerva’s 16th birthday. Her home was packed with her family, friends, and a big group of loving little scouts of whom she is the chief. Laughs everywhere, people having fun and fooling around playing games and enjoying their time. It was Minerva’s first time enjoying being around people since she lost her hair. She was happy. Then everything changed, sounds started fading away and people around her started taking abstract blurry shapes. The cake was brought up right away and Minerva cut her 16th birthday cake while crying. She was in pain and all her plans for the next few days with her friends crumbled before her eyes. Minerva was burning up! She had to be rushed to the hospital…

“Not only has cancer taken away my hair from me, it also took my birthday cerebration,” Minerva said, “I had waist-long hair, and now I don’t look beautiful anymore. I hate how I look.”

“At first I didn’t like coming to the center. I was always bored with no one to talk to. Having to wake up early in the morning to come to the center was enough to ruin my day. But now I love being here around people who have become friends and family.”

A week later, Minerva celebrated her birthday at the center. Happy, and feeling well again, she is now aspiring the life of an actor and author, a dream she has always believed she has what it takes to fulfill.