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Meet Hamad

In November 2013, Hamad was four years old when he was admitted to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) after being diagnosed with a lung tumor.

With everyone’s support, 8 months into his treatment at the CCCL, Hamad recovered. However, only a few months after that, he relapsed and is now fighting cancer stronger than before.

Your Give Hope monthly donation to the CCCL is the best way to support Hamad through his treatment.

During 2014, when asked about his dream, Hamad’s answer was: “I want to become a pilot”.

Therefore, on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 Hamad’s dream came true, he experienced the pilot life when he visited the Lebanese Army Air Base in Beirut and took a tour over the Lebanese cities in a military air-craft.

We are so grateful for the Lebanese Army -and each and every person who worked hard to make Hamad’s dream come true by donating through CCCL’s Give Hope monthly donation program.

Keep on giving hope and help us fulfill #‎CCCL‬ children’s dreams of a healthy tomorrow.