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Organize Your Fundraising Event

If you have any idea for an event or activity you and your friends or organization would like to organize to raise funds for the CCCL, Please email us and we will coordinate together to make your fundraiser a success!

Examples of fundraisers include: bake sales, concerts, parties, and fashion shows.

Kindly refrain from using the CCCL logo/name to promote your event before coordinating with us and getting our approval.

We, at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), cannot continue our life saving mission without the support of the whole community.

You can now organize an event or activity, in coordination with us, where proceeds benefit our noble cause.

For more information and to submit your event please call us on 01-351515 / 70-351515 or send us an email.

Also note that, upon need, we can provide CCCL materials for your event, such as:

Banners, badges, a donation box and brochures.