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Media Requests

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL)’s Marketing and Communications department works closely with the media to develop stories about the hospital’s treatment and patient care, fundraising activities, events and programs that benefit the center. This department also responds to all requests for interviews or inquiries, and handles all social media activity.

Media & PR Contact

If you are a journalist/member of the media, please call 01-35 15 15 Ext. 8085, or 76 551515 or email us for assistance with a story/interview regarding:
  • The hospital’s lifesaving research or treatment
  • An expert on any of the diseases CCCL treats
  • An official statement about CCCL
  • CCCL fundraising events
  • CCCL fundraising campaigns or corporate promotions
  • Patient’s stories

Student Inquires

If you are student working on a project with CCCL as your topic and need our support.
All you need to do is:
  • Use this website as you reference.
  • Contact our team for interviews or inquiries by calling 01- 35 15 15 or emailing us and sending a letter from your university confirming your student status and project purpose.