Medical Updates

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is comprised two facilities where patients undergo treatment: an outpatient facility and an inpatient one. The CCCL outpatient facility welcomes daily an average of 50 patients with their accompanying parent/guardian; and the CCCL inpatient facility has 17 fully furnished single rooms where patients spend an average stay of 5 nights.

The CCCL initiated and launched The National Bone Tumor Program in collaboration with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, USA.

This program allows all pediatric oncologists in Lebanon to use unified treatment protocols. It establishes a gold standard of care, thus ensuring optimal prognosis and cure rates.

The treatment of bone tumors require, in addition to chemotherapy, sophisticated surgery and/or radiation therapy (depending on the kind of tumor), which can be very expensive and difficult, especially in growing children where side effects in terms of bone growth have to be carefully considered.

Through this new program, all children across Lebanon, whether treated at the CCCL or other hospitals, now can get their diagnosis confirmed, their imaging tests done, and the complex and expensive surgery and/or radiation therapy done at the CCCL, at no cost to the family.

The program also promotes a collaborative effort among all oncologists. In turn, the oncologists work cohesively together to apply the appropriate treatment protocol. Combined with adequate follow up, this model ensures optimal outcomes. Such a collaborative effort has never before been implemented so successfully in Lebanon.

Since its start in August 2012, and until December 2012, 8 children have been enrolled onto this program.