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The Facilities


CCCL is comprised of three facilities where patients undergo treatment: an outpatient facility/infusion unit, outpatient clinics, and an inpatient unit. CCCL outpatient facility welcomes a daily average of 50 patients with their accompanying parent/guardian; and the CCCL inpatient facility has 19 fully furnished beds where patients spend an average stay of 5 nights.

The outpatient unit consists of an outpatient infusion center and outpatient clinics.

Infusion Center

The outpatient infusion center is currently located on the 6th floor of the Emergency Department Building at AUBMC. It serves up to 35 patients per day for chemotherapy, procedures, IV antibiotics, and blood transfusions. Procedures such as lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirates and biopsies are performed in the infusion unit under conscious sedation. These procedures are performed in a specially equipped room and a team from the department of Anesthesia at AUBMC administers conscious sedation. Moreover, patients are prepared in the outpatient area and referred for radiotherapy or for sophisticated laboratory and other studies such as MRI that require central device access and general anesthesia.
The infusion center has one main entrance and contains two treatment areas, a playroom, an examination room, an isolation room, administrative offices, nursing station, and reception area.

Outpatient Clinic

The outpatient clinic is currently located on the ground floor of Building 23 at AUBMC. It consists of a reception at the main entrance, a waiting area, a BMT sub waiting area, offices, two consultation rooms, one BMT clinic, and one assessment room.

During the year 2019, the number of procedures performed for patients under conscious sedation was 865 in total. These included 505 lumbar punctures (LP), 214 bone marrows, and 147 examinations under anesthesia.