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Description of Facilities

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is comprised two facilities where patients undergo treatment: an outpatient facility and an inpatient one. The CCCL outpatient facility welcomes daily an average of 50 patients with their accompanying parent/guardian; and the CCCL inpatient facility has 17 fully furnished single rooms where patients spend an average stay of 5 nights.

The outpatient facility is located on the ground floor of AUBMC building 56. It occupies on average 50 patients per day for chemotherapy, procedures, IV antibiotics, blood transfusions, and consultations. Moreover, patients are referred for radiation oncology and other related studies, MRIs, X-rays, and CTs, which are in the same area of the building.

The outpatient facility is divided into two main parts: the fun part and the serious part.

Patients access the center from the main entrance located on Clemenceau Street, where a nice garden invites the kids to enjoy the sunlight in spring and summer days. At the reception area, patients register their names at the reception desk upon arrival and then enjoy fun times in the play area they play with volunteers and enjoy entertainment activities.

This section of the outpatient facility also includes the CCCL Patients’ Relations department, and the Child Life department, as well as the PepsiCo Learning Program Room, where patients take music and arts classes in addition to other educational lessons.

The serious part of the outpatient facility consists of a nursing station, examination rooms, procedure rooms, and a treatment room. The latter contains seven separated cubicles with treatment beds, one dirty utility room, one linen room, one pharmacy where medications are prepared in a sterile way and one bathroom.

On the other side of this section, an isolation area is composed of two procedure and recovery rooms where all procedures are done under conscious sedation. Moreover, there is a big conference room equipped with a video-conferencing system. This allows the staff and physicians to share information with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital by telecommunications and quick voice conversations. The CCCL outpatient facility also has a direct access door to the hospital’s operation room; so that children can be prepared for surgeries at the outpatient facility they’re familiar with.

During 2017, the number of procedures performed at CCCL under conscious sedation was 816 in total: 555 Lumbar Punctures (LP), 195 Bone Marrows, and 66 Examinations under Anesthesia.