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Mrs. Salima Rifi Visit to the CCCL
July 12, 2017

On Wednesday, July 12, 2017, Mrs. Salima Rifi visited the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), and was welcomed by CCCL’s Chair Mrs. Nora Joumblatt, CCCL Head of the Fundraising Committee Mrs. Mona Sidaoui, CCCL Fundraising Manager Ms. Nisrine Tannous and CCCL HR and Operations Manager Mrs. Manal Azhari Bachi.


Mrs. Rifi was overwhelmed with the love and positivity she felt while touring the outpatient and inpatient facilities at the center, and was happy to meet the CCCL patients who also asked to take some souvenir photos with her.


Mrs. Rifi also expressed her admiration of the colorful and happy environment at the CCCL; especially when she saw the music room and the playing room located in both facilities where kids can relax with their families and play.


At the end of the visit, Mrs. Rifi presented the donation on behalf of جمعية طرابلس حياة which was raised from the entrance fees of the 10-nights Souk el Akel in Tripoli Festivals.


Knowing that the CCCL treats kids from all over Lebanon and namely Tripoli, Mrs. Rifi requested that this donation goes to support and help in the treatment of kids from Tripoli.


Finally, in recognition, Mrs. Joumblatt presented Mrs. Rifi with the CCCL Shine Star baring the name of جمعية طرابلس حياة   which is hung on the walls of our outpatient facility.


Thank you so much Mrs. Salima Rifi and Tripoli Festivals for thinking of our center and for supporting our noble cause! 

"To the children of the CCCL who taught me about hope and courage a piece of my heart stays with you... Love"

Salma Hayek
April 2015