Medical Team

  • The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), noted for its superior medical services and caring and comfortable environment, is staffed with highly qualified medical and administrative staff. Experienced physicians and nurses who are especially trained in caring for children with cancer are a core of CCCL.

    Dr. Hassan El Solh, CCCL Medical Director
    Dr. Miguel R. Abboud
    Dr. Samar Muwakkit Balaa
    Dr. Raya Saab

  • CCCL, noted for its caring and comfortable environment, is staffed with highly qualified medical and administrative staff. Experienced physicians and nurses who are especially trained in caring for children afflicted with cancer are a core of CCCL.

    The pediatric oncology nurses aim at helping children with cancer to maximize their ability to face, without fear, the sometimes painful experience of hospitalization and treatment. Among the important aspects of nursing care are patient comfort, patient satisfaction, patient and family education, and the coordination of care through careful discharge planning. A significant contribution to the successful treatment of children with cancer comes from adopting a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, in which the nurses are key participants. The nursing staff at CCCL, complying with all educational requirements, holds specialty certification in pediatric oncology nursing. In addition, most of them spent one month of training at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the United States of America. In performance, our pediatric oncology nurses, daily demonstrate their dedicated commitment to excellence in care and compassion in spirit.

    All CCCL nurses (both at the in and out-patient facilities) are experts in the various skills of cancer treatment, including:

    • Care for hematology/oncology patients throughout the entire disease process
    • Administration of chemotherapy
    • Administration of immunotherapy
    • Administration of supportive therapies such as TPN and blood products.
    • Education of patients and their significant others about the disease process, treatment modalities, possible side effects, and the management of those side effects as they occur.
    • Handling and providing care to vascular access devices, mainly subcutaneous ports.
    • Accessing subcutaneous ports.
    • Assisting physicians in performing procedures under conscious sedation.

  • ‹‹With the body we meet and experience the world»

    Human beings develop socially and linguistically through their relations with others. The development of the personality and a well-functioning ego rests on a bodily foundation. This therapy called “psychomotor therapy” work with individuals and groups in the field of education, rehabilitation and therapy. It is directed at dealing with trauma by methodically placing attention on body consciousness and body experience. By making use of movement situations and confrontations with emotional experiences, an attempt is made to restore the self-confidence and to bring about more balance in the relationship between feeling, attitude and behavior.
    Experiencing positive body sensations improves the feeling of safety and offers the patient the opportunity to bring about the desired changes.
    In both forms of treatment, there are several techniques that can be used such as play therapy, play role, drawing, music, dance, relaxation etc… These techniques play a stimulating role in learning how to cope with tension and adapt to drastic changes. Illness, hospitalization, and treatment can be very stressful for a child/teenager and his family. When a child/teenager is hospitalized or receiving treatment, his daily routine is interrupted which makes him become anxious, frightened and ignorant about what is happening to him. Sometimes this state may lead the child/teenager and his family to loose control.

    For these reasons, psychomotor therapists are available, in the center to assist your child in adjusting to the environment and experiences while undergoing treatment.

    In conclusion, psychomotor therapy is a learning process that raises consciousness of body and mind, and activates personal resources and abilities to the body self –regulation.
  • The Fellowship Program is a two years training program and subspecialty residency in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon. This residency will provide the educational environment for the subspecialty resident to develop an understanding of the patho-physiology of pediatric hematologic and oncologic disorders and competence in the clinical diagnosis and management of these disorders. Training will occur in the CCCL out and in-patient facilities at AUBMC. The primary objective of this program is to train specialists to serve in Lebanon and neighboring countries and to identify unique individuals with outstanding research potential for further training in the US. Fellows are scheduled for rotation at different services in Lebanon and at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.

    A prerequisite for entry into the Fellowship Program at CCCL would be the satisfactory completion of an accredited pediatric residency program or other training judged suitable by the program director. A resident must have completed the equivalent of 3 years of residency in Pediatrics. For application, please open the following link:

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