Letter-A-Thon is the CCCL’s relatively new fundraising program, specially tailored for high school students.

Once schools show interest and approve their participation in the Letter-A-Thon, students are asked to write a composition about anything related to cancer in any preferred language: English, French or Arabic- depending on the school.

The composition needs to be around 250 words, where participating students look for sponsors for each word with a minimum pledge of 100 LBP. Nevertheless, they are not asked to go looking for sponsors other than their close family members: father, mother, uncles, cousins, friends…

Upon completion of the Letter-A-Thon kit, the participating student would have collected at least 25,000 L.B.P. Moreover, each collected sum entitles the participating student to several prizes; depending on the total collected sum!

Join thousands of students in the in the CCCL Letter-A-Thon® program.
Your words can set the children free!