• Patients are admitted to the center with no regard to race, religion, sex, or ability to pay
  • The parents of patients at CCCL are not asked to pay for the treatment of their children. In the case where third party payers (insurance/NSSF…) are available, CCCL pays the residue after third party payers do
  • The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon receives patients from a day old until18 years of age.
  • The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon is a Lebanese Not-for-profit Foundation registered at the Ministry of Interior under the No. 138 AD, with its principal place located at American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) building 56, Clemenceau St., Beirut, Lebanon.
  • The cost of treatment of cancer varies depending on the type and stage of cancer. However, on average, treating a child with cancer costs more than $55,000 per year; where the average treatment period lasts from three to five years
  • Every year, around 100 new patients are admitted to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.
    The new cases of children diagnosed with cancer in Lebanon each year is approximately 400 cases; however, CCCL cannot admit more than 100 new patients each year due to space and budget limitations. Therefore, at any point in time, the CCCL has at least 300 patients under treatment. Moreover, free diagnosis is offered to all and when no admission to CCCL is possible, patients are referred to other hospitals with continuous support when needed.
  • Childhood cancer is not common where only 5% of children have cancer; however, the average cure rate at the CCCL is an amazing 80%!
  • Depending on your preference, competence and areas of interest, you can help by getting involved in the CCCL mission and cause.
  • The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon is located at American University Medical Center building 56, Clemenceau St., Beirut, Lebanon.
  • If you’re outside Lebanon, you can make your donation online through a very secure transaction. Donate now
  • 80% of patients at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon are cured of cancer and continue to lead healthy, cancer-free lives.
  • Your are welcome to contact Mrs. Tania Abou Samra Haddad on 01-350000, ext: 8106, You need to present the below details:
    Patient’s name, age, nationality, guarantor (insurance, NSSF, etc…- when applicable), diagnosis, studies done, referring physician, if started treatment or not. Upon the above presentation, you will be contacted for an appointment.
  • Thanks to its affiliation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, CCCL benefits from ongoing research done at St. Jude; where also, cases and results at CCCL are also forwarded to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for further analysis and studies. This enables the CCCL to provide patients with latest protocols for treatment and therefore higher cure rates!
  • All types of pediatric cancer are treated at CCCL.
  • Visitors are always welcome at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon. One can enjoy the colorful atmosphere at the center and understand the message of hope the center conveys. Organize an Activity For the kids and spend memorable moments with them!
  • Any fundraising initiative needs to be discussed and approved by the CCCL Leadership. If you have a fundraising event idea, please share it with us.
  • You are welcome to organize an activity for CCCL patients .
  • please stay tuned to our next Volunteers’ Orientation Workshop where you are welcome to attend and register to become a volunteer with our dear kids.

"Thank you for everyone at CCCL for making my Christmas so special. Thank you for all the efforts you are making!"

Angelina Jolie
December 2004