Sparkle of Hope

Sparkle of Hope

Nicolas Boukather

Issue #5: January 2017
Interview with Mr. Nicolas Boukather
General Secretary of the Board of Trustees
The Executive Committee

1. What are some of the CCCL achievements that you are most proud of since its founding 15 years ago?
The remarkable progression in the cure rate for every kind of children cancer, reaching an average of 80% success rate, is a glimpse of hope for us and for many others.

Beside treatment and research I strongly believe that spreading joy is essential in accompanying the treatment of children’s’; and hence I’m proud to see a dedicated and extraordinary CCCL team without whom this dream wouldn’t have been possible.

I am also proud to certify that the cancer center of Lebanon is the center of excellence for Cancer treatment in the region of MENA for St-Jude.

2. What drives you to continue to fight for the CCCL cause?
Every time I visit the center, I come out of it empowered! The kids, parents, team, volunteers, board members empower me and give us wings.
Every time I speak with a patient’s parent and see the gratitude and faith they have in this center, it increases my will to fight for the center. Every time I greet and hug a child in the center, and look at his determination to fight against the disease, against all odds; I find myself motivated to invest every moment to support this noble cause.

Our presence is important for them; the meaning of our fight is to let them know that they are not alone! Our dream is to reach a day where cancer will be defeated from its roots.
Therefore we need to redouble our efforts to help treat our children today and strive on research to eradicate children cancer forever.

3. How do you promote and encourage people to support the CCCL?
Everywhere I go I carry with me CCCL’s mission I inform all the people around me that CCCL is the house of hope for any family facing this disease. It is also the center of reference of the region. The words of Dany Thomas “No child should die in the dawn of life” are striking; and we at the Children cancer center of Lebanon will strive on making the success story of this center strive.

People are encouraged when they understand to which extent there resources, time and actions of any size are very important for the life of every child in the center.

Moreover when they understand that scientist and doctors led by St-judes research hospital and supported by AUBMC and CCCL, are very confident that if they have the appropriate research data, experience and support they will be able to find sooner than later cures to eradicate children cancer; and that by itself is very encouraging to spare no effort in supporting the CCCL.

4.What is the most rewarding part of being a CCCL executive committee member?
The smile on a parents face, the hug of a child, the generosity of the volunteers, the determination of the management team , the humility of the executive committee, the fight for a common cause, the one of treating all children with cancer and defeating it together.

5. If you would like to write one sentence about the center to celebrate its 15 years anniversary, what would it be?
I wish the children center keep the hope alive for many years to come and my commitment to CCCL, for its’ 15 years anniversary, is to spare no efforts to keep this center alive forever and to spread its’ wings even further side by side with our partners.