Oasis Of Hope


August 2017 - February 2018: Bekaa, Cascada Mall
March 2017 - August 2017: Bnachii Lake
November 2016- March 2017: Jbeil
April 2016- October 2016: Zaitunay Bay

The CCCL Oasis of Hope Story

What Helped Me Conquer Cancer

It all started back in 2015, when Reuters Chief Photographer for the region, Jamal Saidi, visited the CCCL wanting to offer a therapeutic photography session to our patients. In his own words:

“Photography is therapy because every beautiful photo you take, prints a lovely memory in your soul.” Jamal Saidi, Thomson Reuters Chief Photographer Lebanon, Syria & Jordan
Indeed, our patients enjoyed discovering cameras and shooting beautiful nature around them. So, after seeing the beautiful impact of this session on our patients, the CCCL reached out to more photographers, from different specialties, and invited them for sessions:

Emile Issa, Diane Aftimos, Nathalie Moukaddem, Rudy Bou Chebel, Roger Moukarzel, Michel Zoghzoghi, and Tony Yammine.
Naturally, CCCL patients photographed what gives them strength through their treatment. And so, we present to you, CCCL’s Oasis of Hope having 8 themes: showcasing our patients’ photos representing “What Helped Me Conquer Cancer”.

Through this exhibition, we see their hopes and dreams and sense evermore, the CCCL’s commitment to saving lives and celebrating hope.

The CCCL’s Oasis of Hope launched April 2016 for the CCCL’s 14th anniversary; and will roam the different areas of Lebanon, spreading hope and the CCCL cause.