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President Michel Aoun Visits CCCL

June 6, 2018

On Monday June 6, 2018 President Michel Aoun visited CCCL and encouraged the students who are doing their official exams. He said: "what makes us work for our future is the will of life, not any life, but a successful life." He stressed that "the state cares about students with special educational needs because they are a distinct part of society."


President Aoun's remarks during his visit this morning included the conduct of the official exams for the secondary school certificate at the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon. Accompanied by Minister of Education and Higher Education Marwan Hamadeh, Director General of the Ministry of Education Fadi Yarak, and Head of the Department of Examinations in the Ministry, Hilda Khoury.

Upon his arrival at the Children's Cancer Center, the President was welcomed by Mrs. Nora Jumblatt and the board members. Everyone went to the examination hall where President Aoun saw the students and wished them success. "Today, You are the generation of the future, the generation of young people who will take our place wherever we are, as ministers, engineers or doctors, and what makes us work for our future is the will of life, not any life, but a successful life." 

"On behalf of the board members of the Children's Cancer Center, and on behalf of all the staff of the Center, we thank you for this special visit," said Mrs. Jumblatt. We thank you for caring about our children who are in need of special care, and we wish them success in the exams and overcoming the disease, Mr. President, we always stand by you and will be with you always. "