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Super Star Ragheb Alama visits CCCL

May 23, 2018

Super Star Ragheb Alama visited CCCL and was welcomed by Mrs. Nora Joumblatt, Alama was earlier assigned as the CCCL 2018 ambassador at the center’s 16th anniversary.


Alama took the traditional tour through the sections of the center, distributed gifts, and took photos with the kids who were very happy seeing their favorite singer around. He sang with a number of kids and told motivational stories to others. It was a great humanist touch on this morning in Ramadan.


Ragheb spoke to the media and ensured that he is very glad being a soldier in this battle against cancer of which Mrs. Nora Joumblatt is a leader in. He said he believes that goodwill will always be present and that the kids will live to see beautiful days thanks to the grand efforts by the medical and administrative team at the center.


He added “When we see the light of goodwill we know that it is contagious. As we have lived in a country that has passed through a lot of hardships, where equality and human rights were not always respected, and today we see those kids living in God’s grace with the help of devoted people, who give their time, efforts, and all their love to work on this great humanist mission, just like the CCCL Chair Mrs. Nora Joumblatt.”