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My Hope Special MTV Christmas Episode

December 25, 2012

As part of her MyHope initiative supporting the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), dear CCCL supporter Mrs. Joumana Bou Eid prepared and presented a special Christmas episode, which was broadcasted on Christmas day, Tuesday, December 25, 2012, live from the MTV studios. This special MTV started with special recorded messages from Cardinal Bechara AL Raii and the Lebanese First Lady Mrs. Sleiman. The episode also featured several reports with Lebanese celebrities supporting the CCCL cause, and #MyHope in particular, including: Ragheb Alami, Assi El Hellani, Ramy Ayach, Yara, Maxim Chaaya, Fadi El Khatib, as well as the Lebanese Army Commander, General Jean Kahwaji. The latter invited few CCCL patients to spend a great time with them, on different dates and in different settings during the festive season, and presented gifts to all of them. During the episode, many renowned guests joined Joumana to affirm their support to the CCCL mission, including Lebanese artist Roudi Rahme, producer Jean Marie Riachi, director Saiid Al Marouk, actress Carmen Lebbos, as well as motor racing champion Billy Karam. A special report also covered young Lebanese singer Sabine’s special visit to the CCCL inpatients, whom she showered with gifts and affection. Later, CCCL patient Thea Bou Nader and CCCL survivor Wael Malaeb joined Joumana on stage to talk about their experiences; followed by a special interview with CCCL PR & Communications Manager, Ms. Karen Khoury, who highlighted the CCCL mission and all the great work accomplished by the center throughout the past 10 years of Life & Hope. The episode raised a significant amount of donations which were made live during the episode, as an operation room at the MTV studios was receiving phone calls from audience to support My Hope and donate to help CCCL kids win their fight with cancer. Then, on Thursday January 3, 2013, Joumana visited the CCCL to hand in the donations raised during the episode to CCCL. She was welcomed by CCCL board members Mr. Farouk Jabr (CCCL Treasurer) and Mr. Issam Makarem, who thanked her for her support and the success of the special MTV Christmas episode in particular. Thank you dear Ms. Joumana Bou Eid for your significant support! Many thanks to all the celebrities and public figures who supported CCCL through their participation in this special episode & Special Thanks to MTV for always supporting CCCL and believing in our noble cause.