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Teacher Parent Store Support the CCCL

December 2011

TPS, Teacher Parent Store, is an educational toy store where all toys are according to the highest international toy safety standards, and are chosen based on their trendiness, quality, & fun educational value. In line with their commitment to make a difference in the society, they are launching a fundraising magazine: TPS Fundraising Magazine that includes more than 250 selected educational toys of their best sellers. Purchasing from the selection of items promoted in TPS Fundraising Magazine will give customers the opportunity to support the CCCL’s mission of treating children with cancer: through an automatic allocation of funds from the sale price of the items to the CCCL. This partnership with TPS will last until February 28, 2012. Hurry and select your gifts today: TPS: Lazarieh Bldg. Bloc 1 - Downtown (next to DHL).