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CCCL Holds Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner in Beirut

September 8, 2011

The CCCL hosted its annual gala dinner at the Mar Mikhail train station on Thursday September 8th. This event is considered as the most significant fund raiser organized by the center. More than 1000 people attended this event labeled “9 years of hope and life”, amongst which the previous Prime Minister Fouad El Sanioura, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Farid Maccary, ministers Ghazi Al Aridi, Marwan Charbel, Ali Hassan Khalil, previous ministers Boutros Harb, Marwan Hamaddeh, Adnan Kassar, Tarek Mitri, Ibrahim Najjar, Raymond Audi, Jihad Azour, Mohamad Jawad Khalifa, Nehme Tohmeh, as well as Mrs. Randa Berri and the deputies Hadi Hobeish, Robert Ghanem, Talal Al Merehbi, Ambassador Khalil Maccaoui, US Ambassador Moura Conelli, French Ambassador Denis Pieton, Egyptian Ambassador Houssein Darrar, amongst many other prominent personalities. The dinner took place in the train station’s yard, amid its historical brick buildings, its six French-made stream train wagons, all of which have been out of service since 1975. The dinner included a rich agenda: a panorama of old Lebanese train station pictures, a documentary about the CCCL, in addition to entertaining shows by “Scene & Scene” and the Chehade Brothers. Furthermore, an auction took place, which proceeds go directly to the center. A fund raising campaign was organized during the dinner as well. Chairman of the board for the CCCL Paul Edde stated that this annual occasion unites “all those who believe that children are the future”. In addition, Mr. Edde highlighted that “your presence in this train station awakens your emotions and pushes you to put an end to this world’s miseries”, besides “your constant support helps us to carry on with our mission.” Mr. Edde thanked the minister of transport and public works Ghazi Al Aridi for “having granted us the Mar Mikhael train station for this occasion”. “Just like this train station is striving to remain alive, we are trying to rise from the ashes and fight to support those in need”. Mr. Edde added that “societies cannot grow and mature if they don’t face their problems, be it on a political, a human and a social level”. “When it comes to cancer, there is no differentiation between age, gender and geographical scope. It hits a family directly in its core, destroying live of its members.” He considers that “people and organizations should participate in donating to those in need, those who have nothing but the center and God to support and help them through hard times”. The center commits to “taking care of children with cancer by providing free treatment and hospital care under the supervision of St Jude in the USA and the AUB MC’s highly qualified physicians and staff members.” “The center provides free treatment to 90 children a year and requires a yearly budget of 12 million dollars to ensure all children are being treated”. “Medication is extremely expensive, especially nowadays, since we’re faced with more and more counterfeit medication”. In addition, Mr. Edde added that “at the center, we are willing to fully cooperate with government officials to push for lower prices when it comes to this type of medication, an initiative that needs to be fine-tuned in coordination with diplomatic corps in Lebanon, allowing patients to directly benefit from the prices. It is the society and the designated ministries’ responsibility to ensure such measures are being implemented”. “On April 12th, 2012 we will remember all those who have contributed in building the center 10 years ago. Without their commitment, devotion and sacrifices, none of this would have been possible. They gave back hope, love and a future to those in need.” “I thank our founders, Mr. Nasser Chammah, Joseph Asseily, Nabil Harfouch and those who are no longer among us Pierre Abou Khater and Naoum Khattar.” Mr. Edde also introduced the center’s “Endowment Fund”: a fund that will ensure continuous funding to the center. “We are currently working on finalizing the endowment fund's legal and managerial structure and will soon be announcing the start of a campaign for those who wish to participate”. “The fund will enable you to earn interests on an initial amount which you can either take back or offer to the center”. Finally, Mr. Edde stated that “children are a family, a society and a country’s future. Our hopes are based on them, let us help them grow, let us help Lebanon grow.”