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CCCL's Bus of Hope Visits CHN

April 29, 2021

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) and the Centre Hospitalier du Nord – CHN organized the first “CCCL Bus of Hope” event. The bus toured from Beirut to Bnachii, Zgharta to spread awareness about childhood cancer. It arrived at CHN where people gathered around the Bus of Hope area through the day and watched several childhood cancer awareness videos. Doctors and team members answered questions about childhood cancer and the impact of the center.


Everyone was thrilled to listen to the inspirational story of the childhood cancer survivor Jessy, who shared her touching experience with words that expressed her fight with cancer and her love & tribute for her late friend Minerva who passed away from cancer a few days ago.  


The Bus of Hope will tour Lebanon to spread awareness about childhood cancer. This was made possible thanks to the support of Unicef and Sanofi Espoir.


Spread the word and spot the bus on the streets and in our future events.


Watch the full Bus of Hope series here