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National Fund Third Meeting

June 26, 2020

In an aim to reach every child with cancer in Lebanon and give them a second chance in life, CCCL has partnered with 6 hospitals all over Lebanon and has covered the treatment of 44 children with cancer this past year. Today, and after the success of this program, CCCL aims to renew the fund for one more year and expand by partnering with more hospitals to be able to treat more children with an 80% survival rate.


CCCL and its partners met on the 25th of June in Gefinor Rotana Hotel, while taking all precautionary safety measures. CCCL announced the program renewal and the current situation sharing experiences on how to overcome the obstacles in delivering the best quality treatment to the maximum number of children with cancer in Lebanon, ensuring that the parents are totally free of the financial burden.


With you by our side, we will expand our partnerships to provide the proper treatment to every child with cancer in Lebanon.