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Flowers, LU, and CCCL

April 22, 2019

Hundreds of flowers came out from the Faculty of Sciences - LU to be picked up by the hands of “ستالكل” and leave behind support which painted a smile on the faces of many kids in The Children Cancer Center Of Lebanon (CCCL). In this, we were taught the meaning of courage, hope and beauty.

The activity that was held in the Faculty of Sciences- Hadath Campus by “الناديالإبداعي” on mothers' day included selling roses where the profit was taken to The Children Cancer Center in Lebanon (CCCL). 


In addition to various interactive activities shedding light on different types of cancer and its precautions, musical and artistic activities, including the student fingerprint plate, were held.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed and helped the success of the activity. This surely includes those who participated, from the administrative and educational authority to the dear students leaving a humane imprint in the aisles and the hearts of our faculty.





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