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The Rocket Marketing Initiative

The Rocket Marketing, founded by Hicham Zaraket, is collaborating with Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon to help as many kids as possible while giving you the chance to benefit from its expertise. Having lost his own mother after a battle with cancer, Hicham holds this cause very close to his heart and thus, he aims at helping the families that are going through these critical times. We at The Rocket Marketing all believe in CCCL’s mission and trust their professionalism and transparency which is why we are honored to raise donations for this institution.

Register now for our one-on-one paid consultation service with Hicham, during which you can ask any questions about problems you are facing with your paid ads on both Facebook and Instagram. The registration fees will be donated IN FULL to CCCL.

Benefit from our special packages for our collaboration with CCCL so we can help you with the success of your business through several sessions, all the while supporting the brave children of the center.

About The Rocket Marketing:
The Rocket Marketing, one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners agencies in the MENA region, was founded by Hicham Zaraket in 2018. The Rocket Marketing is focused on building tailor-made ad strategies, auditing campaigns and managing ad spend by implementing solutions that scale and convert for the relevant verticals. Hicham’s mission is to bring the expertise he gained while he was a Facebook employee to the MENA region and to help business owners succeed through paid ads. He also prepared an online course to reach more people and teach them how to make their own ads.
He managed ad spend worth several millions of dollars. Hicham also recently started a successful academy to teach people and businesses how to grow online through ads.

With YOU by our side, we promise to fight cancer till the end of this journey!