John Abi Saab’s Challenge

Short Description of the Initiative:

Walking the 800km Camino De Santiago or the Way of St James, as it is also known, became a dream of mine approximately three years ago. In late 2016, I did the next best thing and walked the Aussie Camino, a 220km walk in 7 days through Southern Victoria and South Australia.

Having postponed the Camino once already this year, I decided that I could not postpone it any longer, particularly in the light of my mother’s re-diagnosis with cancer in late June and the death of my best friend’s nephew, Leo El Hachem from a brain tumor in Mid July.

As such, I decided to walk the Camino in September in order to fulfil my dream and to raise much needed funds to be donated in the name of Leo and my Mother to support the invaluable work of the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

Motivational Message:

Life is a precious gift that we human beings often take for granted. Yet when an innocent child such as Leo or the beautiful children of the CCCL suffer from such a hideous disease such as cancer, we cannot help but be reminded of the precious frailty of life.

As such it is our responsibility to support organizations such as the CCCL in the valuable work that they do to ensure the gift of life is each child’s right to enjoy.

Why Donate?

Leo El Hachem, my beautiful Mother, Marie and the young Children who are treated by the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon free of charge are the innocent victims of a hideous disease that does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, wealth or any other characteristic.

Supporting my walk on the Camino de Santiago in the name of Leo and my mother, by generously donating directly to the CCCL will ensure the children of Lebanon are given the best chance to not only survive but more importantly, to be able to thrive through their ordeal with cancer.

Help the Home of Hope.