Treatment Surgeries

Pediatric Cancer Survival rates: 1962 vs. present

  • Hematopoietic, bone marrow or peripheral blood, stem cell transplants are an important part of care for cancer patients. These transplants are available at CCCL in collaboration with the transplant unit at the American University of Beirut Medical center (AUBMC).
    AUBMC has a state of the art transplant unit that was opened 8 years ago. All the unit staff were trained in the US and/or Italy and are highly competent.
    Until December 2011, 34 autologous transplants costing US$ 20-30,000 each, and 19 allogeneic transplants costing US$ 75-100,000 were performed.

  • The total number of Limb Salvage Surgeries done at CCCL since the opening of the center till end of 2013 was 65; having three done in 2013.

  • During 2014, the number of procedures performed at CCCL under conscious sedation was 610 in total: 391 Lumbar Punctures (LP), 133 Bone Marrows, and 86 Examinations under Anesthesia.

  • The total number of medical consultation services provided at CCCL until 2014 is 3176.

  • In 2013, the average number of patients visiting CCCL daily was 43 patients; it reached up to 51 patients/day.

  • The total number of transplants done since the opening of the center till the end of 2013 reached 85; having 11 transplants done in 2013.

" Thank you for everyone at CCCL for making my Christmas so special. Thank you for all the efforts you are making! "

Angelina Jolie
December 2004