Naming Opportunities

  • Create a legacy blessed with hope and life- at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL). Your legacy is everlasting, breathing life into children fighting cancer.

    The CCCL Facilities resonate with children’s laughs and cries; and are blessed with the heritage of philanthropists with the biggest hearts! As a result of our expansion plan, you now have the opportunity to create your legacy for life and perpetual hope.

    With this expansion we, at the CCCL, will be able to better serve our growing number of patients; while also continuously enhancing the quality of care offered to our dear patients.

    Naming facilities’ values range between 1 million USD and 25 million USD.

    There are several zones allowing you to select from them, in accordance with your intended contributions. A map of the center divided into different facilities, each with its price, is available for your consideration.
  • Let your gift flourish life into young bodies fighting cancer;
    And have your name on the leaves of the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon’s Tree of Life.

    Make a contribution ranging between 60,000 USD and 300,000 USD to cover the cost of major surgeries such as the Limb Salvage Surgery and medical procedures such as the Bone Marrow Transplant.

    The Tree of Life is a colorful inspiration located at the Outpatient Facility.

  • Paola is a Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon survivor!
    Inaugurated in April 2010, Paola’s Friends is a lively statue of 6 children playing together; representing our patients’ strong will to beat cancer, just like Paola.

    This is your chance to inspire a sick child in their battle against cancer and become Paola’s friend; where your name will appear next to one of the kids’ statues.

    Your contribution of 150,000 USD covers the average cost of treatment for one child.

  • The Sponsor A Child program invites donors to support a child fighting cancer all the way through to the hopeful day of celebrating the successful return to a healthy life.

    As a child's sponsor, donors can change the life of a sick child by sponsoring his/her one-year treatment for $50,000 and pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Child sponsorship can be for one year or more since the average period for the treatment of pediatric cancer is two to three years, depending as well on the child's particular age and circumstances.

    Your annual sponsorship could mean life to a CCCL child!

  • How many times, in a lifetime, does one wish on a star?
    Where some wishes come true and others remain in the sky.

    Contribute in making a sick child’s wish for a healthy future come true by having your name on the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon’s Wishing Stars.

    This is your opportunity to make a difference in a sick child’s life by covering the cost of major procedures during a child’s treatment.

    Wishing Stars contributions range between 20,000 USD and 40,000 USD and are hung all over the CCCL Outpatient Facility:
    • Shimmer Stars are bronze stars where each star is named after the donor who covered a Tumor Resection Operation for one child- for 20,000 USD.
      Shimmer Stars change names every year.
    • Twinkle Stars are silver stars where each star is named after the donor who covered the Induction for Leukemia for one child- for 30,000 USD.
      Twinkle Stars change names every 2 years.
    • Shine Stars are gold stars where each star is named after the donor who covered the cost of prosthesis for one child with bone tumor (and who has undergone a limb salvage surgery)- for 40,000 USD.
      Shine Stars change names every 4 years.

  • Hold the hand of a child battling cancer,
    Leave your mark in their life;
    And leave your handprint on the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon’s Hands of Hope Wall.

    This is your opportunity to introduce hope into the life of our patients by covering the average yearly cost of one of their treatment courses and holding their hand on the path to recovery:

    Hands of Hope contributions range between 6,000 USD and 15,000 USD and hold your name for 1 year:
    • 6,000 USD covering the cost of an antibiotic course
    • 10,000 USD covering the cost of a chemotherapy course
    • 15,000 USD covering the cost of a radiation therapy course

  • Invest in life; invest in a future of cancer-free children.

    The Endowment Fund is the gateway to a gratifying venture of saving children’s lives and ensuring sustainability for a noble cause.

    Endowing funds starts at 500,000 USD in the aim of reaching a total of 50 million USD.
    In return, our endowers’ names will be added to the honorary wall at CCCL’s Outpatient Facility recognizing donors endowing funds.

"With all my love to those who suffer and those who work for them not to ..."

Juan Carlos Gafo, 2011
Ambassador of Spain to Lebanon