GE is Climbing Mt Kezbek for CCCL

On July 29th 2016, 20 GE employees are taking a challenge to climb Mount Kezbek (5033m) with the desire to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.
This climb this year will be dedicated to a patient at the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) who has been battling cancer at the center.
We plan to raise $50,000 and because surviving this battle is just the start for these children. Please donate on this page to help us reach our fundraising goal and support these young heroes in their fight against cancer...

Climbers Names:

Hassan Sharara
Robert Papp
Almestady, Murad
Al-remaih, Meshari
Sager Al-selaim
Atifa Arif
Franck Bollecker
Dalia Kabrite
Asif Malik
Lama Mazahreh
Michael O'Brien
Marwa Raslan
Moataz Riad
Cindy Stadelmann
Fatima Suleman
Rajev V Sundaram
Nermeen Yousef
Sameer Zidan
Ousama Sharara
Camille Gemayel
Sherief Nada

Hassan Sharara

Cindy Stadelmann:

Franck Bollecker:

Robert Papp:

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