Call for Life

Call for Life is a fully integrated communication campaign calling for everyone’s support and donations to the CCCL.

Call for Life 2012

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) launched a nationwide campaign, “Call for Life,” which aims to spread awareness and call for the support and instant donations from the community: to continue its mission of saving children’s lives.

A major element of this campaign is the “Bus of Hope”: artists, celebrities and pillars of the society toured along in the “Bus of Hope,” to celebrate the 10 years of Hope by visiting various districts to meet the CCCL patients through an enjoyable program.

In the bus, the celebrities were accompanied by CCCL representatives along with patients (on or off-treatment), their family members, medical staff, and media. The Bus of Hope visits wouldn’t have been successful without the support of the celebrities who drew smiles on our children’s faces for entire days. We deeply thank the seven bighearted celebrities: Maguy Bou Ghosn, Wissam Sabbagh, Tarek Soueid, Joe Achkar, Joseph Attieh, Aline Lahoud, and Laura Khabbaz.

Many thanks as well for all those who contributed to the success of the Bus of Hope, namely: the Safadi Foundation headed by Mrs. Mona Safadi, Mrs. Nora Joumblat and the Barouk Cedars’Reserve Committee, Tyr Municipality and its Mayor Mr. Hassan Dbouq, Sky Wave, and Xpress Agency.

The visits were recorded and then broadcasted on TV within a special Call for Life episode of Kalam Enass on LBCI to urge people to “Call for Life” & donate!

Also, as part of the Call for Life campaign, creative and unique street performances were scheduled starting April 9 until the 19th to create hype for CCCL’s Call for Life and urge people to Call 1417 -thanks to LibanCall- on the spot and make their donation pledge; then head to the nearest SGBL branch or ATM and make their donation.

Thanks to all street artists whose performances ranged from street art, to graffiti, to creative illustrations, to music, and even live statues!